Hero of the Week: Man’s Best Friend

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In Oregon, 60-year-old Brandon Garrett found himself at the bottom of a ravine along U.S. Forest Service Road 39 after driving over an embankment. He was on his way to meet his family at a camping site.

Brandon’s four dogs were inside the truck with him, and one of those dogs took action! He ran four miles to the campsite where his family was waiting.  Once they saw the dog, they knew something was wrong and alerted authorities.

The search party found Brandon in ravine but were unable to get down to him. With several rescue teams involved and ropes set up, first responders were able to get to Brandon and his remaining dogs and get them to safety.

Brandon was transported to a hospital where he was being treated while his dogs remain with family until his recovery is complete.

Learn more about this story as covered by Idaho 6 News.

Suzanne’s Response:

Now, I don’t know the name of that one dog that ran to get help, but as some people who heard this story said we’d like to believe there was some kind of communication between those dogs on which one would be the one to get the help.

So, to man’s best friend for running those four miles to find help, I am so happy to recognize you as our ACC Hero!

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